First Impression: BenRiach 12 YO Horizons


A delicious deep gold with oxidized hues. The nose is fresh and complex, with a big hit of floral and creamy honey notes. The freshness is livened with notes of green apple slices, lemon juice and juniper berries! Then the rich oils from Brazil nuts and creamy milk chocolate. A beautiful undertone of sweet barley and oak with a recurring nutty note!

A sip reveals its rich and intense character, with the barley and nuttiness coming through. Some acidity of lemon rinds and pear drops. Quite yeasty too with notes of a baked lemon Danish and roasted peanuts. Sweet, sour and bitter all in one!

The finish is a tad bitter like gnawing on the lemon rinds, with some stooped black tea and gentle tannins which highlight the olorosso influence!

A rather interesting triple distilled proposition. It does fair better with a pinch of water to open it up. Definitely a keeper!!