Dram Review: Bowmore Aged 18 Years


[43.0%・Bottled Circa. 2013-2014・18 Years Old・Original Bottling・General Release]


An addictive blackcurrant note on the nose. A dose of sea breeze, the artificial lozenge sweetness is there. Rather refreshing eucalyptus and mint. There is an underlying hint of toffee, with a hint of burnt toast. The seaweedy peat is just noticeable on the back end.

Palate & Finish:

The juicy sweetness of artificial grapes and lively spices hit the palate, then followed by creamy caramel fudges. The malted milk note is there, the peat and oak then start to come on with a welcomed tad of black tea like bitterness to round it off.

The peppery woodiness carries on in the finish with the creaminess just evident enough to somewhat subdue the bitterness, leaving a malty aftertaste, almost like café au lait.


A.K.A. “The Fisherman’s Strepsils Blackcurrant”

A somewhat secret pleasure of mine.


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