Dram Review: SMWS 43.3 Port Ellen

[64.7% • 10 Years Old • Distilled in 1981 • Bottled in 1991 • SMWS Bottling • Single Cask Release]

This is a vintage SMWS Port Ellen that was bottled all the way back in 1991.


On the nose, apricot and honey, a touch of coastal breeze, very pleasant on the nose. Vanilla and caramel with a hint of smoke to make it more complex. Traces of iodine barely detectable in the back end amidst notes of lollies.

Palate & Finish:

Some wood-fired barbecue meat notes surfacing after a while.
Intense spices upon the first sip, pu erh tea and chilli spices tangling on the tastebuds. It is also juicy and citrusy on the palate, youthful fruits such as lemons and papaya come to mind. Notes of cinnamon and salted caramel in there as well.

A long peaty finish, leaving a puff of smoke in the aftertaste. It’s chewy and woody and it is mouthwatering.


A.K.A. “A young fellow from a bygone era”

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]