First Impression: SMWS 33.119 Ardbeg A Gumtree Bonfire Barbecue on the Beach

A.K.A. “Ardbeg’s Hammer”

I had this Australian exclusive which doubled as the most powerful and unique Ardbeg expressions I have had to date:-

The nose is ashy with seaweed and charred oak notes. It really is like a Bon fire. Some Brazilian roast meat, some light sweetness here and there. Smoked salmon notes comes through with time along with a fuller medicinal notes.

Sweet at first on the palate with a touch of peppery spices. Then POW, a massive hit of big peat and WOOF a numbingly hot wave of chilli. The smoke and peat spices stay put for a long while.

A touch of fructose in the finish with some delicate vanilla grind but the ashiness just keeps going and going.
Having a full dram of this is like getting your tastebuds hammered by a chunk of burning peat with every sip. What a powerful beast. Extraordinary.